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At Intelectus, we are experts in innovation and we can draw on our extensive expertise and experience to help you better understand your challenges, identify opportunities in new technologies and create significant competitive advantages through their application. The company was founded in 2016, but our team is made up of experts and collaborators with more than 20 years of experience in managing the development of pharmaceutical cleaning systems for foreign companies. We decided to go independent because our aim is to provide our customers with a more holistic approach and to offer the highest level of service based on our excellent knowledge of the industry, good contacts, and experience. We employ experts in mechanical engineering, but we also outsource staff from other fields as needed.
Director Franc Možina active as a designer and development manager since 2001 in a subsidiary of a Swiss washing machine manufacturer.
Development management, recruitment by another Swiss washing machine manufacturer.
Founding of Intelectus d.o.o. Managing the development department in Switzerland and the company in Slovenia.
Relocation to rented premises.
Development of pharmaceutical washing machines for a Swiss manufacturer of cleaning systems. Half of the team in Slovenia, half in Switzerland.
Development services for customers in Switzerland, Germany, and Slovenia in the field of machinery for the pharmaceutical and process industries.



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